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Requirements for Approval
1. Letter of Intent
2. Letter of Endorsement by BerthaPhil
3. Sub-Lease Agreement (Duly signed and notarized)
4. Project Feasibility Study
  a. Questionnaire (fully accomplished)
  b. Audited Financial Statements (for existing companies in the Philippines)
  c. Projected Project Cost
    c-1. Renovation Expense
    c-2. Security/Deposit
    c-3. Furniture and Fixture
    c-4. Vehicle
    c-5. Working Capital
  d. Source of Funding the Project
    d-1. Company Equity (Authorized Capital Stock, Bank Certificate)
    d-2. Company Equity PLUS loan from a Bank (Indicate Name of Bank, amount to be borrowed); or
    d-3. Company Own Equity PLUS advances from the parent company (submit proof of foreign remittance certified by a local bank).
5. Board Resolution/Secretary Certificate (Duly signed and notarized)
6. Resume of Representative (with complete Address and Contact Nos.)
7. SEC Registration (Articles & By-Laws)
8. Company brochure (or any promotion material available indicating therein Company Profile)
9. Construction Time table


Project Evaluation Form (Telecommunications/IT) in RTF format (173kb)

Project Evaluation Form (Industrial/Commercial/Tourism Projects) in RTF format (171kb)


Contact : Ms. Arlene D. Aniciete
Berthaphil Compound J. Abad Santos Ave., Clark Freeport Zone,
Pampanga, Philippines 2009
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