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Berthaphil Industrial Park is a newly built industrial park designed to host multi-dimensional business operations from logistics to warehousing, electronic assembly and packaging. It sits on a prime 5.2 hectare location inside the Clark Freeport Zone (CFZ), one of the most competitive trade and investment sites in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Berthaphil Industrial Park provides ready-made facilities prepared for immediate occupancy by firms engaged in a wide range of manufacturing activities, from simple staging and warehousing to complex electronics assembly. It is a flexible mixed-use industry site, with modular construction allowing allocation of exactly the right blend of facilities for any business. Buildings are designed with space for offices, production lines, warehousing, and loading , with built-in loading docks and transport bays allowing full vehicular access to shop floors.

The Berthaphil Industrial Park is equipped with a full array of utilities and amenities. Clean water and steady power run amply and smoothly inside Clark, while telecommunications and data transfer facilities are state of the art, the Park is situated at the heart of a fiber optic loop that connects Clark to other major Philippine cities and to the world Internet backbone. High quality housing at reasonable cost and proximity to leisure and tourism estates, recreation areas, sports and entertainment centers create a highly liveable environment for both employees and expatriate staff.

Berthaphil Industrial Park clients includes prestigious firms from the US, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and the Philippines, in businesses ranging from garments manufacturing to distribution of aircraft parts to assembly of medical equipment to assembly of CD-ROM decks. This wide variety of businesses and nationalities is evidence of the flexibility and viability of the Berthaphil concept.

         Berthaphil provides the location, facility, infrastructure and incentives which gives our   locators a competitive edge.



Contact : Ms. Arlene D. Aniciete
Berthaphil Compound J. Abad Santos Ave., Clark Freeport Zone,
Pampanga, Philippines 2009
Tel : (6345) 599 5312 / 5313 • Fax : (6345) 499 5314  email:

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