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The 2,200 hectare Clark International Airport complex is one of Asia's premier airport facilities, boasting two 3.2km. Runways capable of accomodating the largest aircraft in the world, with a full complement of taxiways, ramp areas, and apron facilities. The airport meets international standards for a category I precision-approach runway and has full crash, fire, and rescue capabilities. The airport now carries international flights to a number of Asian destinations, and is being developed into a full international airport and air cargo center serving Asia and the world. Terminal facilities now under development will have an initial capacity of 10 million passengers annually by 2010. The interim passenger terminal now in place can handle over 500 passengers per peek hour or 1.5 million passengers annually.

Proximity to this fast-expanding transport center makes the Clark Freeport Zone, and the Berthaphil Industrial Park, ideal locations for transport-dependent businesses like electronics manufacturing and other businesses requiring fast, efficient movement of raw materials and finished product.

If your business requires the movement of bulk materials, or raw materials and finished products in quantities too great for air transportation, the nearby seaport at Subic Bay is easily accessible and available to fill all sea freight needs. Subic is a former US Navy base occupying one of Asia's finest natural harbors, the Subic port or the Port of Manila are capable of accomodating as many as 600 full-sized vessels at a time, with complete warehousing, container, cold storage,and open-yard storage facilities. The Subic port is 1 1/2 hours by all-weather road from the Berthaphil Industrial Park, and a 4-lane highway cutting that time to under 1 hour will enter active construction in 2010. Subic enjoys the same duty-free status as Clark, and customs regimes are coordinated, allowing Clark-based firms full duty-free privileges in shipping through Subic. Clark is strategically positioned halfway between the Subic Port and the Port of Manila.


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